Throwback Thanksgiving

IMG_1553 Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the day for family, food and traditions! At our feast today, we made pies with my Nana’s pie crust, Papa’s pumpkin pie filling, my Mom’s Cranberry Apple pie filling, and a ten-year-old cousin’s mincemeat recipes. We also had my aunt’s casseroles, traditional cranberry relish and my sister-in-law’s baked macaroni. It all came together into a delicious feast!

I recently came across this photograph of my great-grandmother Dorothy (Mueller) Jordan making a turkey dinner in the 1950’s! Her small turkey likely fed only her family of four. It was taken in their house in Seattle, Washington, probably on Thanksgiving. Dorothy is hard at work!

Dorothy showing off her turkey in her kitchen in Seattle, Washington, in the early 1950’s. (Image Source: Wischmeyer/Jordan family photos)

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