Postcards from the Past

I have a small collection of antique postcards that I’ve collected throughout the years. I tend to collect postcards that depict places that are connected to my family history. I’ve scanned many of them and shared them here for you to enjoy, too. As my postcard collection grows and I get my current collection scanned, I’ll be adding more images and albums!

Click on the links below to see the collections on Flickr. Or, see all albums here

DeKalbCoPostcard  WhitesideCoPostcard  Northern Illinois Postcards button

CookCoPostcards  AddisonPostcards  Jacksonville, IL Postcards

Menard County Postcards button  LincolnsILPostcards  ILPostcards

[Please note: These images are scanned from actual postcards that I personally own. For many of these postcards published after 1923, the copyright status of the images is unknown. As such, these images are for research purposes only, and may not be used or reproduced for any other purpose. If you have information regarding the copyright status of individual postcards, please contact me.]

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