About me


Welcome to my personal genealogy blog! My name is EvaAnne Johnson. I began researching my family roots when I was ten years old. Recently, my interest in genealogy has been rekindled, and I am eager to share my experiences! I currently work at a public library in a suburb of Chicago, and I recently completed a Master’s of Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. I had previously studied at the historic Illinois College (shown on the postcard in the banner above). In the future, I hope to become a librarian who contributes to a local history and genealogy collection. I am also the keeper of my own family’s history, thus the “Family Librarian!”

My family’s history is rooted in Illinois, particularly DeKalb County and Chicago. A few generations back, my family tree branches out to other parts of Northern Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, England, Sweden, and Germany. Check out my blog posts for stories that I’ve uncovered about my family’s history! Please contact me with questions, comments, or feedback by filling out the form below or commenting on a blog post! You can also connect with me on LinkedIn here. Hope to hear from you soon!