Celebrating graduations

It’s that time of year again… graduation! Whether it’s high school, college or beyond, graduations are always a time for students to be proud of what they’ve accomplished and look forward to what lies ahead.

This is a photo on my grandparent’s graduation day. The met at college, were both part of campus Greek life, and sang in the choir. They were engaged in March 1957, graduated that spring, and got married within a month after graduation! Two of their children also attending the same university, where one of them also met his future wife!

My grandparents at college graduation in 1957.

In the university student newspaper, I discovered a few historical gems! My grandfather was a Lambda Chi Alpha, and my grandmother was a Kappa Tau Zeta. They appeared in “From the Greekvine” column when they got pinned in November 1956. Their names also appeared later when they got engaged.

Source: Valparaiso University Libraries Digital Collections

Lesson learned: it’s always worth checking out the archives where your relatives attended school! There may be a lot to find there!

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