Mothers are special 

This Mother’s Day I’ve been thinking of all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts and mother figures in my family. Mothers play a unique part in every family. Here’s a quick tribute and thank you to the mothers in my family!

Mothers will always think of you as her little baby…

Scan 37
My grandmother smiles on her first granddaughter with her two daughters.

She’ll cherish your big moments with you…

My mother and I on the day of my wedding.

She’ll be there to hold your hand if you need her…


She’ll have your back in case you fall….

My grandmother holds her great-grandchild steady as he’s learning how to cane chairs.

She’ll enjoy the little everyday moments that she shares with you…

My grandmother is holding my aunt Pat while traveling to Florida with my great-grandmother.

She’ll love watching you grow up…

Scan 21.jpeg
My grandma Weil holding my newborn sister.

She’ll support you in wherever life takes you…

My grandmother, Mildred Kaiser, with her mother, Mildred (Lawrence) Kaiser and her cousin Bernice in about 1944.

Even if she’s taken took soon from you…

Scan 47.jpeg
My aunt Jean passed away in 2008.

She’ll always love you and watch over you.

My great-grandmother, Emma (Medine) Drake with her son, Ed Drake in 1920.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers and women of our family, past and present!



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