DeKalb County’s Gold Stars, 1919

My copy of the 1919 book, “An Honor Roll…”

About 1,000 men from DeKalb County, Illinois, answered the call to serve their country between 1917-1919 during World War I. About 65 of them died during the war and never made it back home. The following pages are from “An Honor Roll, containing a pictorial record of the gallant and courageous men from DeKalb County, Illinois, U.S.A., who served in the Great War 1917 – 1918 – 1919,” published by the DeKalb Chronicle Publishing Company shortly after the conclusion of the war. These men are among the “gallant and courageous men” who did not make it home. They had earned their families a “Gold Star,” which was a designation that started in WWI, and denoted that the family had lost a loved one in combat. This was a visual symbol to the community that the family had lost a loved one in the war. (Learn more about the Gold Stars tradition here.) This Memorial Day, I’d like to remember the service of these men who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I.

DeKalb County’s Gold Stars

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life –“

Named on this page: Theo. Hill (Victor Twp, Ill.), Lafayette V. Brunner (Sycamore, Ill.), Leon R. Listy (Sycamore, Ill.), Harold Wyman Davis (Sycamore, Ill.), Frank Shutleff Carlson (Sycamore, Ill.), James A. Malone (Sycamore, Ill.), Axel W. Nelson (Sycamore, Ill.), Lucius Samuel Weeden (Sycamore, Ill.), George Philip Gustafson (Sycamore, Ill.), Herbert August Quarnstrom (Sycamore, Ill.). (click on images to see larger version)

Named on this page: George J. Herrick (Waterman, Ill.), Irvin Wade (Hinckley, Ill.), William J. H. Rissman (Hinckley, Ill.), Walter Murray (Kirkland, Ill.), Benjamin H. Luckett (Kirkland, Ill.), Isadore Pobstman (Cortland, Ill.), Arthur W. Mellor (Fairdale, Ill.), Bayard Brown (Genoa, Ill.), Fred L. Niss (Genoa, Ill.), William C. Wolters (Genoa, Ill.). (click on images to see larger version)

On this page: Milton E. Wilson (Kingston, Ill.), Fred A. Schmock (Kingston, Ill.), Alvin Julius Ecklund (Kingston, Ill.), Lars O. Overwick (Esmond, Ill.), Lyle J. Hupach (Sandwich, Ill.), Frank J. Kelley (Shabbona, Ill.), George Elmer Drury (Shabbona Grove, Ill.), William C. Colby (Shabbona, Ill.), Michael Peter Leick (Shabbona, Ill.), Fred H. Merwin (Somonauk, Ill.). (click on images to see larger version)

Men on this page: Joseph Baker (Waterman, Ill.), Ernest A. Ilseman (Waterman, Ill.), Adelbert L. Garner (Waterman, Ill.), Louis H. Mizel, Jr. (Waterman, Ill.), Carl Rudolph Edgren (Malta, Ill.), Oscar Male (Malta, Ill.), Clarence Bernard Quinn (Malta, Ill.), William A. Mace (Malta, Ill.), Earl Ralph Brown (Sandwich, Ill.), Edwin Ralph Estep (Sandwich, Ill.). (click on images to see larger version)

On this page: Howard R. Byers (Sandwich, Ill.), Dorian G. Fanning (Sandwich, Ill.), Arthur E. Ames (Sandwich, Ill.), Christ. H. Lampe (Waterman, Ill.), Martin Lee Chase (DeKalb, Ill.), Howard Scott Graham (DeKalb, Ill.), Victor E. Johnson (Chicago, Ill.), Wendell A. Lindberg (DeKalb, Ill.), Albin Carlson (DeKalb, Ill.), Henry James Twombly (DeKalb, Ill.). (click on images to see larger version)

Named on this page: Oscar Streeter Anderson (DeKalb, Ill.), Clarence Lee (DeKalb, Ill.), Clinton R. Glidden (DeKalb, Ill.), Percy E. Terwilliger (DeKalb, Ill.), Everett Hubbard (DeKalb, Ill.), John Elroy McEvoy (DeKalb, Ill.), August A. Gross (DeKalb, Ill.) Conrad Buehler (Shabbona, Ill.), Lester H. Wade (Sandwich, Ill.), Luther N. Stark (DeKalb, Ill.). (click on images to see larger version)

On the following page, page 32: Pictures nor data could be secured for five of the brave boys who fell on the field of battle or died of influenza or other maladies in camp or hospital, but to them the grateful people of their home county will, nevertheless, always render a reverent homage, and their names are inscribed both on this page of the Honor Roll and in the hearts of their countrymen. 

Axel Olson, Cortland, Ill.

Fred B. Duncan, Sycamore, Ill.

Walter A. Olson, DeKalb, Ill.

Harold Parker, DeKalb, Ill.

Kryle Fuller, Kingston, Ill.

Tony Muhr, Genoa, Ill.


14 thoughts on “DeKalb County’s Gold Stars, 1919

    1. Hi Jean! None of our relatives are on these pages. Your great-grandpa Kaiser is listed elsewhere in this book. The soldiers that survived the war make up the rest of the book. I shared these pages for others from DeKalb who are looking for their relatives.

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  1. EvaAnne, thank you for sharing this book with everyone. With my relatives living nearby in Kendall County, I find it interesting to read this. That reminds me that I once found a book from WWII with some of my Hoosier relatives, among others, listed with photos. I will have to get that posted sometime. Thank you for the inspiration!

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    1. Thanks Diane! My great-grandfather is listed later in this book (he survived the war), but I wanted to start with these men who didn’t. I will try to share bits of the rest of the book some other time! It’s important history to remember. Many counties have these kinds of “Honor Roll” books for WWI and WWII, but there are not many online right now. Hopefully you have a chance to share your copy!

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    1. Yes, I agree. I appreciated this book because it gave some tidbits of each man’s story. When I shared this with my local history group on Facebook, there were at least two members whose great-uncles were among those who passed. I transcribed their names only so that anyone who was looking for those names using search engines would be able to find them. I do not intend to disrespect their individual stories.

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  2. Fabulous! Some universities and companies made memorial books also. I found a book with my grampa’s brothers regiment but no photo of him. Drat! I’m still searching!


  3. Hello EvaAnne, Found this site while looking for information on my Great Uncle George Elmer Drury, my mother Eleanor Drury was also from Shabbona Grove originally. Until a few weeks ago I was unaware of his death during the Great War, it was never discussed at family gatherings so it came as a shock to hear of the details of his death. My intent now is to create a shadow box for display at my home to honor his memory, I would like to include a quality photograph of him, but am not sure where to obtain one. If you have any ideas of how to find one I would appreciate it. Yours Truly,

    Clyde Drury Larsen

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    1. Hi Clyde! I’m so glad that this post helped you discover your great uncle’s story. I’m not sure where you could get a high-quality photo of him. You could try contacting the Joiner History Room in Sycamore to ask if they have any photos of him. Or, if you’d like, please contact me via my “About Me” page (which has a contact box to email me), and send me your email address, and I can take the best possible scan of his photo in this book for you. So glad I could help!


      1. Hi EvaAnne, How do I find your “About me account”? This one is all new to me, have never heard of it before, any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

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