(Book)Binding our Family History

The cover of my family tree book

I took a bookbinding course this semester as part of my Library Science degree. At the end, we could create and bind our own book! Of course, I designed a book to showcase our family tree! I wanted to create a book that would include my family tree, and my husband’s family tree, joined in the middle by us.

I made a side-by-side accordion book. The cover opens from the center, and is tied together with a ribbon (representing the tying of our two families together). The green cover, and the silver leaf are also suggestive of a living tree. I found a metal plate that said “Ancestors” and attached that to the front as the title.

His family tree and my family tree come together at the center — with us!

The book opens to reveal our family trees side by side, joined in the center with us. A reader can either “read” page by page through each generation, or can fold out each tree entirely to see it all together. I included photographs and names of each ancestor if they were available, and I left room for them to be added later if I didn’t have it. The generations are not strictly laid out, but you can see who is linked together by following the threads. In the center, my husband and I are together, and join the two sides of the family tree.

The book pages all spread out to reveal the two sides of our family tree.

This was a fun project for me to explore, and I’m now interested in making another book! This book just includes names and photos, so perhaps my next book project can incorporate a little more information about each family member!


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