My Digital Library

Over the years, I’ve found some wonderful digital resources! They include digitized books, databases, and websites. These are some of my favorite resources that I’ve used in my own research. I’ve assembled them here for easy reference. Click on the links below to view them!

(Note: This list is my own personal list of resources that I have used for my own research. Apart from my own two research guides that I wrote, I am not affiliated with any of these resources, nor do I receive any compensation for mentioning them here.)

Illinois Resources

Connecticut Resources

Massachusetts Resources

Missouri Resources

New Jersey Resources

New York Resources

Pennsylvania Resources

Vermont Resources

WAVES of the U.S. Navy, WWII

International Roots

Family Genealogies, Biographies, and Histories

General Reference – Research, Writing, and Librarianship

General Reference – Preservation and Organization

General Resources – Copyright-Free or CC0 Creative Commons Image Resources

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