Letter dated 23 Feb 1919 from Glenn Kaiser to his mother

Letter from Glenn Kaiser to his mother, Feb. 23, 1919

[page 1]
Feb. 23, 1919
Goddert, Germany

Dear Mother,
I just received your letter of Jan. 29 and also got a letter from Kate and a birthday card. She did not have a lot to say but she said Alf was out of the Army and he was to be married some time in Feb. Well I am glad of that and hope he does good. Now you did not understand me about that pen. I asked you what kind of a pen did you buy me. Was it a Waterman or a Swan. It came in a Waterman box and it was a Swan pen. $3.00 will get a good pen and that is what made me so mad about it and I know you did the best you could, and have always did it for me, and I hope you will do what you can for me as long as I am in the Army.

[page 2]
Tell Floyd that to look out the first thing he knows, he won’t know anything and that is more than he knows now about this world. About six months over here would be five months and 29 days too long for him. Pay day comes once per month and then it’s just like getting soup raepers [?]. There is no place to spend it. Well if he wants to he can have my job, just as soon as he can get over here.
Ma will you send me some lice powder in your next letter? You can get it at the drugstore. Be sure to get something that will kill them. I think you can get some of that powder that I can put on my banks. I am sending you a box for you and Pa and Floyd. There will be something for all of you.

[page 3]
I got a letter from Albert Hubbard last week. He was fine but did not say anything about a Northrup. I think he is all right. I get about one letter out of three you send. I am glad you got them cards I sent. I will bet you thought he is nutty. Well I am sure you’re right. Well this is all just now.

From your son Glen Kaiser
Hdq. Co. 127 Inf.
Amex E.F.
A.P.O. 734

P.S. You can see in that paper I sent what the 32nd did. I also sent Kate one. Hope you get it. I did not send a key for the box but pa has one that will open it. Ha, Ha.


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