Letter from 19 Feb 1919 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated 19 February 1919 from Glenn Kaiser to his mother

[page 1]
Feb. 19, 1919
Goddert, Germany

Dear Mother,
Here I am again feeling dam bad just now. I want to get out of this army and dam bad things. Looks as if we will be here for a long time and you know as well as I do that I did my bit if anyone did, and willing to do more if there is more to do, but I will not see the day when Germany will do anymore fighting. All there is to do is to lay around and kill time. That is hard for all the boys that did any fighting. Times goes slow. A day is like a week. We thought this Div. was going home, but there will be no troops moved for 60 days. I can’t see where we will be home for six months at the soonest.

[page 2]
And if I stay here six months I will be nothing sure. So this is what I want Pa to do. Get me out some way. It can be done if he will go and see some of the men in Sycamore and tell them that he can’t get along without me. Tell them how old he is all, so how long I have been in the army, but do not say anything about this letter, and if they ask him if I want to get out of the army, tell them he does not know. When I went in the army I told them I worked with my father in the shop so he can tell them the same. I do not want you to think this is hot air, because it is not. I am not going to stay here over three months at the longest. I sure have all I want of this and I will come back and do all I can to keep a home going if Pa gets me out, and if I don’t get out to hell with it. I won’t be a soldier when there is

[page 3]
no fighting. Not that I like to fight but I can’t stand this very long. I get all I want to eat and a good bed to sleep in, but when we were at the front fighting we thought of one thing and that was the home and mother and father and the things all the boys fight for, but this is not my home, Oh, no. You do not want to think that you can’t get me out, because you can. They have been letting them out on less than that, and you know as well as I do that Pa is getting too old for that work, and I am sure that I am doing the U.S. no good here. When you get this letter, let no one see it because I will get hell and about a year in jail. Tell pa to go to Sycamore and see them and then

[page 4]
write to Washington and I am sure I will get out in two months. Well this is all just now. Do what you can’t let me know in your letter what you have done and what they have to say in Sycamore. Be sure and let no one see this letter. You can see James Clif the lawyer. He will tell you just what to do.
From your son Glenn Kaiser
Hdq. Co. 127 Inf.
Amex. E.F.
A.P.O. 734

P.S. I got a letter from Albert Hubard. They are in Elhlbauck [Ettelbruck], Luxembourg. We came through there when we came here. I am in the same car that a Northup is in but did not say anything about home [?] but I hope he’s all right. Tell Pa it will not cost him a penny.

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