Letter dated 31 Jan 1919 from Glenn Kaiser to his sister

Letter dated 31 January 1919 from Glenn Kaiser to his sister

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Goddert, Germany
Jan 31, 1919

Dear Sister,
Not having anything to do, I will let you know we all are getting along fine but not knowing when we will be I will not say. But I hope it will be soon because I am sure sick of it. I see in the paper that there are men that are sorry they are out of the army. They can’t find a job. Well if they were over here and went through what we have, they would not look for a job so soon. That’s all I can say for them and if they want to stay in the army so bad, any of them can have my job here. I think I will go farming out west sooner or later after I get back. They say there are some good changes out there.

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Well I made a bed last night. There is not a nail in it and it sure is a good one. It looks like it will fall down anytime but it beats sleeping on the floor. What do you think of Coblenz by them cards I sent you and Gil? They are going to have a horse show there in Feb. I hope I can get to go down there for a day or so because I think it will be good to see some of the horses that went through this war. Say, will you send me some cigarette papers? Send Red Book paper. They are the kind I like. We can’t get them here at all. Send them like you did the gum. I got that O.K. I got a letter from Ma this week and she said Alf was home for two or three days and he said he was sorry he didn’t get over here. He has not a thing to be sorry for. Well I was just over to the office and the segt. said

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we are not in the Army of Occupation now and that we will be home not any later than April 1. So that is the best I have heard yet and it sure makes me feel like fighting. Ha, ha. And they are betting that we will be out of Germany in one month. Well I would just as soon be here as France. It is all alike to me and tonight’s letter you get from me, I will be saying I am going to stay here. You know that I can’t get back too soon. I am going to bring you all something of the war. Something that sure came off of the Front and not from the S.O.S. I had a box that I was going to send one just two weeks before the war was over and didn’t. I am glad of it because you would not have gotten it. There are lots of S.O.S.

[page 4]
men that did not get any wears near the Front. I got about $20 for a German helmet when we came off of Siason Front. I sure had some time on that. I was going to send home $200 but had a good time on that in Coblenz so that is the Army life. Well this is all for this time. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Brother Glen Kaiser
Hdq. Co. 127 Inf.
Amex E.F.
A.P.O. 734

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