Letter from 22 Dec 1917 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated 22 December 1917 from Glen Kaiser to his mother

[Please note: This letter contains offensive terms and/or otherwise objectionable and outdated language. This language does not reflect my own views or values. These terms may be omitted from the transcription, but are not censored from the original letter.]

“With the Colors”

Dec. 22 1917

Dear Mother
I got here the 21. I was three day on the road. it is fine here and like it but we are going East in two or three weeks if I pass. We left camp grant the day before pay day we got pay here the 10 of Jan and them will get two month at ones. this is a poor start. people live in boxes here. I seen miles of Bald cotton on the way here and more [word omitted] then white. it gets cold here nights and hot in the day. We went for a hike this morning went up to Waco. it is a fine city. Say tell dad to send me some Razer Blades or ead. Well this is all I know so answer soon.
Co. E 127 Inf.
Camp McArthur
Waco Texas

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