What I Learned about Family History from Library Science

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently graduated with a degree in Library and Information Science. I’ve had about six months of free time to unwind, put away my school papers, and reflect on what I’ve learned the past three years. Although most of my courses were not directly related to genealogy or family history, I realized that much of the knowledge that I gained in the library field is also applicable to family history. I recently read an older post from Amy Coffin at The We Tree Genealogy Blog, and I was inspired to write this post. So, what did I learn about family history while in library school? Continue reading “What I Learned about Family History from Library Science”

The Family Librarian graduates with MSLIS

Eva_graduation_editedThis past weekend, I graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, with a certificate in Special Collections! I am so honored to also receive the iSchool Alumni Association student award. I’ve been working full-time at a public library while completing my degree, and I’ve received the wonderful support of family, coworkers, and friends! Continue reading “The Family Librarian graduates with MSLIS”

Genealogy at the ALA conference



This week I attended the annual conference of the American Library Association (ALA) in Chicago. It was such a great experience! It is the largest conference for libraries of all kinds in the United States. I learned a lot about today’s librarianship, including lots of cool tidbits about how libraries are helping genealogists! Continue reading “Genealogy at the ALA conference”

A successful research trip!

I just got back from my short trip to Salt Lake City! It was all around a successful trip! We celebrated our first anniversary, I was at the Family History Library almost every day, and my husband learned a lot at his workshop! We also fit in some relaxation and hiking on our day off. This was my first trip out west, and now I’m eager to travel more!

Research at the Family History Library revealed a lot about my genealogy, and I’m still going through the records that I found! Coming soon… a post about the 100-year mystery that I solved! In the meantime, here are a few photos from the trip!

After another successful day at the Family History Library!

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Upcoming Family History Library Visit

Soon I’ll be traveling to Salt Lake City for a much-needed getaway! My husband and I are combining work and leisure for this vacation. During the day, he will be attending a Biology workshop and I’ll be free to spend my time at the Family History Library! I’m preparing for the research trip by following some advice given by Amy Johnson Crow. Her advice includes: have a plan, have a backup plan, check the catalog before you go, and more. (Update: Diana and Nicole at The Family Locket also give some great advice about visiting the Family History Library! I can’t believe that I missed it before.)

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