Family Surnames

Surnames and locations of branches of my family tree that are featured on this blog or that I’m currently researching: (Click on my great-grandparent’s names to see their family trees, and click on the individual surnames to find blog posts relating to that family.)

Surnames from my great-grandfather Charles Drake:

  • Drake
    • Kane County and DeKalb County, Illinois (1840s – present day)
    • Allegheny County, New York (1830 – 1850s)
    • Windsor and Windham County, Vermont (1760 – 1830)
    • Taunton, Massachusetts (? – 1760)
  • Johnson
    • DeKalb County, Illinois (after 1865)
    • Skatelof, Socken, Sweden (prior to 1865)
      • Note: Prior to their immigration to the US, the family used the Swedish surname system, using the father’s first name and adding -sson or -dottr for the children’s surnames.
  • Fish
    • Kane County and DeKalb County, Illinois (1845 – 1890)
    • Ashtabula County, Ohio (1820s – 1840s)
    • Connecticut (prior to 1820s)
  • Lyman
    • Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont (abt 1790 – abt 1850)
    • Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut (abt 1700 – abt 1790)
    • Connecticut (abt 1600 – abt 1700)
    • Essex, England (prior to abt 1600)
  • Call (also spelled Caul)
    • Ashtabula County, Ohio (1820s – 1840s)
    • Windsor County, Vermont (1760s – 1820s)
    • Massachusetts (1650s – 1760s)
    • Kent, England (prior to 1650s)


Surnames from my great-grandmother Emma Medine:

  • Medine
    • DeKalb County, Illinois (1880s and after)
    • Holstein, Germany (1870s – 1880s)
    • Kronoberg County, Sweden (prior to 1880s)
      • Note: Prior to their immigration to the US, the family used the Swedish surname system, using the father’s first name and adding -sson or -dottr for the children’s surnames. Medine was used after arrival in Illinois.
  • Schroeder
    • Schönberg, Holstein, Germany (prior to 1880s)


Surnames from my great-grandfather Glenn Kaiser:

  • Kaiser (also spelled Kayser or Keiser)
    • DeKalb County, Illinois (after ~1890)
    • Whiteside County, Illinois (~1865 – ~1890)
    • Luzerne County, Pennsylvania (~1851 – 1920s)
    • Eisenberg, Pfaltz, Bayern, Germany (before 1850)
  • Holbrook
    • Bureau County, Illinois (abt 1835 – 1870s)
    • Illinois (1820s – 1830s)
    • Kentucky (prior to abt 1825)
  • Tompkins
    • Champaign County, Illinois (abt 1822 – 1830s)
    • Carter County, Tennessee (abt 1798 – 1822)
    • Wilkes County, North Carolina (1770s – abt 1798)
    • Newark, Essex County, New Jersey (abt 1666 – 1770s)
    • Connecticut (prior to 1660s)


Surnames from my great-grandmother Mildred Lawrence:

  • Lawrence
    • DeKalb County, Illinois (after 1860s)
    • England (prior to 1850)
  • Church
    • DeKalb County, Illinois (after abt 1875)
    • England (prior to about 1875)
  • Tadd
    • DeKalb County, Illinois (after abt 1870)
    • Lacock, Wiltshire, England (prior to abt 1870)


Surnames from my great-grandfather George Weil:

  • Weil (also spelled Weihl)
    • Kingston, Ulster County, New York (1927 – 1948)
    • Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (1880s – 1950s)
    • Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany (prior to 1880)
  • Metz
    • Maulbach, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany (prior to 1880)
    • Nieder-Ofleiden, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany


Surnames from my great-grandmother Pauline Gardner:

  • Gardner
    • Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri (abt 1880 – 1960s)
    • Benton County, Missouri (abt 1856 – abt 1920s)
    • Niedermeilingen, Langenschwalbach, Nassau, Germany (prior to 1856)
  • Tietjen
    • Benton County, Missouri (after abt 1857)
    • Hannover, Germany (prior to 1857)
  • Hagenah
    • Hannover, Germany (prior to 1857)


Surnames from my great-grandfather Erwin Wischmeyer:

  • Wischmeyer
    • Chicago, Illinois (after about 1898)
    • Rabber, Hannover, Germany (and surrounding region) (prior to 1900)
  • Pieter
    • Marion County, Missouri (after abt 1867)
    • Hannover, Germany (prior to 1867)
  • Stockhaus
    • Hannover, Germany (prior to 1867)


Surnames from my great-grandmother Dorothy Mueller:

  • Jordan
    • Decatur, Macon County, Illinois (abt 1895 – 1970s)
    • East Prussia, Germany (prior to 1895)
  • Mueller
    • Chicago, Illinois (after 1856)
    • Mecklenberg, Germany (prior to 1856)
  • Nahrstaedt
    • Chicago, Illinois (after 1891)
    • Sandau, Sachsen, Hannover, Germany (~1875 – 1891)
    • Mecklenberg, Germany (prior to 1880)
  • Kaefermann
    • Chicago, Illinois (after 1891)
    • Hannover, Germany (prior to 1891)



Family trees last updated July 2018.

4 thoughts on “Family Surnames

  1. Welcome to Geneabloggers!
    Reading your blog, it struck me that the deRin name sounds Dutch. Being Dutch myself, I was very much interested. I also have a blog with many genealogical subjects. One of my posts shows a survey of foreign genealogical blogs/sites showing Dutch origin surnames. The URL is The idea is to try and establish contacts between people who have an interest in the same surname. There are numerous cases in The Netherlands where people emigrated centuries ago without leaving a trace in Dutch archives. With my blog I try to bring Dutch and foreign (mainly US/CAN) genealogists together.
    Therefore, I like to have your permission to show your site in my a.m. blog.
    I look forward to your reaction!
    Kind regards,
    PS One of the largest Dutch databases shows 9 hits for ‘de Rin’, all in the 17th/18th/19th century.


    1. Hello Peter!

      I don’t know much about the deRin family, except that one woman married one of my relatives. That is not my direct line, so I haven’t done much research on her, but I do know that her parents immigrated from Italy after 1900. Hope this helps. You have a very interesting blog!


      1. Hi EvaAnne,

        Thanks for your reaction and for taking a look at my blog!
        If your deRin seems to originate in Italy, I’ll leave it at that. There is no indication that this family name is solely Dutch. So incorporating it in the post mentioned earlier does not seem to be useful.

        Kind regards,


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