Letter from Glenn Kaiser to his mother, 31 January 1919

Letter from Glenn Kaiser to his mother, 31 January 1919

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American Expeditionary Forces
Young Men’s Christian Association
Army of Occupation

Godertt, Germany
January 31, 1919

Dear Mother,
As I got some good Bull today I will let you know about it. We are not in the Army of Occupation anymore and the 42nd will go home first and then we will be next to go. That will be O.K. with me. I am getting sicker every day but does not do any good. We all got 1/2 lb. of candy today that is the second time that this Co. has got any candy from this army. Well all I can say is get ready for me because I can sure eat and I don’t want any beef, tomatoes and to hell with the beans. I can do without milk and sugar but for the love of Mike get some good coffee. I have had pork two

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times in one year but I have had deer more than two times. There were some old hens here but we ate them in two weeks. We are going over to Deerdof this afternoon. That is about 3000 people and five or six dogs, four horses and two pigs. That makes a town here. I made a bed last night without a nail, so you can see I have learned something in the last year. Mrs. Lawson’s brother died over there in November. I just got a letter form her and she felt bad about it. He was the best one of them all. It was Davies Ruben out west. He was in a camp out there. Bill Lawson is still on the road and he says he likes it. He says there is a good chance for me but I do not know about it do you?

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Jan. 2, 1919
Well it is some colder then it has been but it is like our November. They have not had any snow at all. Have you had any snow over there yet? Well all we can hear this morning is that we will be home in six weeks but I do not think so. But I hope so. There are four of us sleeping on one room and we all have beds now and the cooties are not in the 1000. I have got them down on me so it is hard to find 100 in ten mines, so that is not so bad. The woman here made some cake for us and it sure was good. Be sure and have some good plain cake flour when I get back because I sure will eat about 25 at a time. We will get paid this week I think but it would be all right if they let it go until we get home and then we could have

[page 4]
some kind of a time that is more than we can here. Well this is all I can think of just now, so will let it go for this time.

From your son, Glen Kaier
Hdq Co. 127 Inf.
Amex E.F.
A.P.O. 734


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