Letter from Glenn Kaiser to his mother, Jan. 19, 1919

Letter from Glenn Kaiser to his mother, Jan. 19, 1919

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Goddert, Germany
Jan. 19, 1919

Dear Mother,
As there is nothing to do, and not time to go to bed, I will let you know what I don’t know about Germany. They are damn slow in getting things together but they are coming slow but sure. They have a little fight in Berlin now and then but it don’t last long. They are voting here today and are going to vote next Sunday, so the people say here they sure are glad they can vote, and be like the Amex.
We have not had a cold winter here yet but the people say it comes in Feb. so that is not far off. It has rained six days out of a week

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How is things there now? Are they higher then they were a year ago? I see in the paper that shoes are up in the air but they are not as high as they are here. $15 is a low price here for shoes and some cost $25 to $30. How are the clothes there now? The last letter I got from Kate there were five pieces of gum in it. That is a good way to send me some gum now and then. Also some good writing paper. Two or three sheets in each letter and as soon as they let them send boxes over, send me candy and a lot of it. I never know I liked candy until I got where I could not get it. We get all of the tobacco we want. That is one good thing. I paid one mark and a half for a can of jam. There were about 200 grams with the can and all so you can see what anything cost that has sugar

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in it. That box I was going to send home two or three months ago I thought I’d keep it and take it through the war with me, so I did. I will bring it when I come and then I will be sure to have it. A lot of the boys sent boxes that did not get home, so I am glad I keep mine. How many got killed from DeKalb? Do you know I don’t think there were many of them because the 33rd Div. didn’t do anything that I know of. They were on one front that we was on in Oct. If anyone got it that I know, let me know in your next letter.
Has anyone heard from Farmer Maher or Axels Linberg, Bob Eddy or Fot Westberg or any of the old bung? Ask Floyd, he will know them. How did a Northup come out of it? I hope he had as good luck

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as I did and poor boy Avery, did they get him off of 8th St. or not? About six months of good hard drilling, two a year for about five years would do that poor boy good. It would be a good thing if they let the men that was in this war come home and send some over like him to hang around for six months or more. Oh hell I hope this is the last war for a day or so. Well this is all for this time. I am feeling fine. All hope you are the same.

From Glen Kaiser
Hdq. Co. 127th Inf.
Amex E.F.
A.P.O. 734

Write soon or sooner than that.


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