Letter from 29 Oct 1918 from Glenn to his sister

Letter dated 29 Oct 1918 from Glenn Kaiser to his sister

On active service with the American Expeditionary Force
Oct. 29, 1918

Dear sister,
Just a line or two to let you know I am here and going to stay until this war is over and that will not be long. I got a letter from Ma and Anna last week and sure was glad to get them. Well it is some colder here then it was but not so bad. We will have a thought it all right. I am glad that Al is so lucky and hopes that he gets a good job out of it. Is hard for me to write. Not that I do not get the time but you know how it is so do not look for a letter until you get it. Ha, Ha. We are going to get some clothes today so that will be fine. Some of the boys are in pairs on a weeks leave. I hope I will be next.

[page 2]
Anna said that Will is getting better so he will soon be home and help her get along but I think if he never came back it would be soon enough for me. How about you? Ma said she had a lot of fruit can this year. That is fine and I hope that I get home in time to help eat some of it before it is all gone. I het all I want to eat but it is not like that you know. I sent home a $50 bond and going to send $100 as soon as I can get to a post office. How are all of you this year? Have any of you been sick? I have been lucky so far and hope it keeps up for a month because the war will be over. I am sure Germany is on her last leg. I hope Floyd is working and doing what is right. I know here will be new Glen when I get as far as that I am now and have been for some time believe me.

[page 3]
Well I am a cook now and when I get back I will get a job from you cooking. Ha, Ha. I am getting about $45 a month so that helps some. I am working with some fine boys. They are like brothers to me. The capt is like a father so that makes me feel like home. Well this is all for this time. Hoping I get a letter from you soon.
Your Brother,
Cook Glen Kaiser
Hdq Co 127 Inf N.Y.
APO #734

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