Letter from 28 October 1918 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated 10 Oct 1918 from Glenn Kaiser to his mother

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Oct. 28, 1918
Dear Mother and all,
It has been some time since I got a letter from you but it has been longer than that in answer the last one I got from you, but the old saying I will write often. I got a letter from Kate a long time ago and have now answered it yet but will before the night is over. I also got a letter from Anna. Sure was glad to hear from her. She write a fine letter and it made me feel good to see it from her. Have her write now and then. I am having a $50 bond sent home and if you want any thing, there will also be a

[page 2]
$100.00 there in a month or so. Well I have seen a lot of boys from Ills, Elgin, Genoa, but the DeKalb boys but I hope I see them some day before this ends. It will have to be soon because this is the last lig of dog. We all would like to see it end but we want to end it right and before ending and letting that Kaiser Bill have any say after the war, we are all willing to die here and know that we are dying for the ones we love. We are having good weather. It is kind of cold in the morning but before noon it is fine. So we will all live

[page 3]
through it and be back in the good old summer time or sooner. You know we go farer away from home but the german see the amex come walking into Germany, they will say that they could not lose them dam Amex and then we will come back through Germany. Some of the boys say now that take a good look at France for this will be the last look. So that is what keeps the boys a going. I see Guy R. now and then. He is looking fine and he said he is getting fat but it looks

[page 4]
like he is getting poorer but he oughta know. There are about ten of the boys sleeping in here tonight. Four of them are playing cards, four are sitting over to to right talking about the USA and one of the cooks is looking for cooties. I am going to have a look before I go to bed and see if I got all of them. Well I have said all I know so will let it go for this time. The first segt. to thought it was sjamb [?] from Pvt. to Cook so that will help some and this will be all for this time.
Cook Glen Kaiser
Hdq. Co 127 Inf. N.Y.
A.P.O. #734

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