Letter from 14 Sept 1918 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated 14 Sept 1918 from Glenn Kaiser to his mother

[page 1]
On Active Service with the American Expeditionary Force

Sept 14, 1918
Dear Mother,
As I am where I can sat down write, I sure will do so at least two or three time a week. I got a letter from Myrtle and a Mrs. Johnson. She is unknown to me and I do not want to know her. Ma I want you to send me the DeKalb paper. I know that they are coming over all the time and if they are sent from the paper office I will get them all right.
It has been raining here for the last tho day but has let up now. It is not so cold but I think it is coming but they say it does not get so cold here in France. I sure hope that it get hot.

[page 2]
I have been near the DeKalb boys but have not met any of them. Say ma I am glad that I am not with them. Not that I do not like them but the front is no place to be with a friend. If I had it to do over I would do it the same.
Well I hope that you and pa is well. Is Ed drinking again and what did he go up in Wisconsin for. How is Alf getting along and what did Floyd do about joining the Navy. I don’t think he will pass. Well this is all I have to say for this time and hope this will find you all well. I am getting fatter every day.
From you son
Glen M. Kaiser
Hdq. Co. 127 Inf
APO #734

[page 3]
I am sending you some things that I got off germans when I was up on the lines. I do not know if you will get them but if you don’t you will live just as long. One is a german belt. One is a knife and a spyglass off a german machine gun that you can let pa take out and look at the airplanes and I hope he can’t see any. How long has Will been sick and how is Anna getting along. How does her and the kid eat? If you think that I can help her I will allot her $15 a month. I met Will’s cousin. He was feeling fine and he did not know that Will was sick. Well I hope he gets well soon.

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