Letter from 12 Sept 1918 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated September 12, 1918 from Glenn Kaiser to his mother

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On active service with the American Expeditionary Force

Sept 12, 1918

JW France

Dear Mother

As I am back from the Front lines I will let you know that I am feeling fine and hope that you are the same.

I got a letter from Kate the same day the I got yours and Floyd. she said that she got the boxes I send her and Anna and how did pa like his lither [letter? lighter?] and them big cents. Well I am glad that Harry Ammlet is in the navy and tell Floyd if he has to go, join the navy because there is no hiking and he always has a bed to sleep in and they sure do eat. I was on the boat for 21 days and we had some eats. and as for getting up to the Front to fight there is all kind of thing they can do back
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of the lines and as far as a man getting killed, he will die when his time comes and not before. there is no one know as well as I do, so tell him for me to join the navy if it is the last thing he does, but if I know any thing about this war, he will not have to come over here but if he want to come let him because the more we have the merry it is. If you have been looking at the paper you will see what the [LINE CENSORED] been doing to the german. the germans will not fight they are all in down and out so you can see it will not last long. Well this will be all for this time. hope you all are well.

Pvt Glen Kaiser

Hdq. Co. 127 Inf.

Amec. E.F.

A P O #734

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