Letter from 9 Aug 1918 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated 9 August 1918 from Glenn to his mother

[page 1]
Aug 9, 1918
in France

Dear Mother
I got a letter from Kate last night and the last one I got from you was July 2. We made a move and that is why I have not got any mail. Well I know you know were we are. You can see it in the papers. I am feeling fine and hope all the folks are as well. I am glad that you got the boxes I sent you and hope that Kate gets the boxes I sent her and Anna. I also sent a pa some thing.

[page 2]
Well as I have said before I can’t think of anything to say. We get all we want to eat and sleep when we can. I do not want you to worry if you don’t get any mail because if I die you will know it a week at the latest but they are not going to get me because I am coming back as soon as this war is over and that will not be long. Well I hope to hear from you soon.
Your son
Glen Kaiser
Hdq. Co 127 Inf
A.P.O. #734

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