Letter from 4 July 1918 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated 4 July 1918 from Glenn to his mother

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Some Where in France
July 4 1918
Dear Mother
Well it is the fourth of July and we sure know it. they are all having a good time. I worked this morning and now I am off until the nexts noon so that is not so bad. Well ma I have not got all the mail you send me but it coming fine now. I got two letter from Kate in the last two weeks. One from Elgin also a letter from Rockford. I understand that Elind [?] is not in DeKalb anymore. Mo Lawson said he was in Peoria and Doing fine. Have they got any furnace work there this year. I hope that you got those thing I send you. I am going to send Kate and Anna something.

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Came from the Front line trenches and hope you folks get them because I sure want them to get there. I am also sending a lider [lighter?] to pa. I will send the box to Kate and then she can get them to you the best way out of it and if you have not got the things I send to you and Olive let me know and I will send some more because they do not cost anything here but there they are up in the air. I am sleeping out in a tent now. I was in the house for two or three weeks but I didn’t feel so good there, so I move out. I got a fine letter from Ms. Lawson. She made me feel fine. she sure was and is good to me and if I had of did as she said I would not have been here. She wanted me to marry Bills sister but I though if I want any kids I wanted them to be mine, not some one that did not belong to me. Well war is not as bad as

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been hell for Rasted of you know lives. Well it is about time the Alf look around for my address. he will find out when he gets over here that there is days that the sun does not come out and you can believe me or not. the days are long and dark and you can ask Floyd if he has got two hands yet or did have then cut off. I got Edd letter all right but I do not know if I address one to him or not. I thought there was no need of writing two home the same. it is hard work for all of us to write a letter. We do not know what to say and after we say it we don’t know if it will be cut out or not. That why we jest write on one side of the paper so that is the way it goes and if we could write a letter like we want to it would be like a book. there is not one

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the boys here like to let there fathers and mother know what war is. I had a little fire a week ago here in the tent. I had some candles on a box. The candles burned down to the box and then the box cot on fire. The cloth belong to the guy that sleep with me so the joke was on him. If I know Alf address I would write and tell him to get in the lng [?] that I know he would like because there is not any Dolling there at all. I was going there before I came here but I like this and the boys are all fine. The is half of the game in the army. Well mother I have said more in this letter then any one yet so I will let it go for this time.
As ever your son
Pvt Glen Kaiser
Hdq Co. 127 Inf NY
American EF
A.P.O. # 734

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