Letter from 30 April 1918 from Glenn to his mother

Letter dated 30 April 1918 from Glen Kaiser to his mother

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Somewhere in France
April 30 1918

Dear Mother
Well as the sun has been out two times this week I though I would let you know about it. It is not as cold as it has been and you know that helps because the houses here have no stoves in them. they all have fire pales [fireplaces? fire pails?] but they are no good. When we tell the people that in USA all of the houses have stoves or furnaces they think we are giving them hot air. Well when I tell you they are wild pigs here

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and they have been two or three shot in the last two weeks we can hear them shooting pigs over night. I am going to send you a silk apron and some lace in a week or so. I have not got eny mail for some time. I am sending you a greetings that the Priest of this village and so the chaplain got to work and had it translated so the boys could send them home so the mother and father could see that we are welcome here. and this chaplain is

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the best in the world and a man thru and thru. Well I want you to tell every one to write and hope you all are well.
Well hoping to get a answer soon. your son
Glen Kaiser
H.q. Co 127 Inf
AEF via New York

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