Letter from 14 May 1918 from Alfred to his mother

Letter dated 14 May 1918 from Alfred to his mother

[page 1]
Kenosha Wis.
May 14 -18

Hello Ma I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know that I am still alive. I got your letter some time ago but forgot to write.
How is everything down there. Is George and Ed and Floyd home?
I got a letter from Kate about two weeks ago. There is plenty of work up here now, they are taking all the young fellows away. I had a good job all winter as warehouse foreman for Nelson but I quit last Wednesday and went to work on one of the trucks.

[page 2]
I do not think I will be here long so I made up my mind that I would not work on the inside. There is two hundred gone from here between the 25th and first and after that if they call many I will go. My order number is 4073 and they have called up to the 2200 but there is not many class A.1 men left in the last 18 hundred.
Do you ever hear from Glen? If so send me his address so I can write to him.
I will close for this time with love to all.
I remain yours truly,
A.J. Kaiser
Kenosha Wis. % David Nelson
71 Victoria St.

[page 3]
P.S. How is the gardens in that part of the country, it has been cold up here all spring.

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