Letter from July 17, 1918 from Harry Aument to his friend

Letter dated 17 July 1918 from Harry Aument to his friend

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War Work Council
Army and Navy
Young Men’s Christian Association
“With the Colors”

July 17, 1918
Dear Friend:-

Well how are you getting along in this hot weather. I thought would write to you and tell you that I am still alive and feeling great. I am getting fat. This is some life. I wish Floyd were here. I miss him and the other boys very much. Did Floyd gt the letter I wrote to him? If he did why didn’t he answer? Tell him to get in ten or fifteen minutes and write to me. I certainly would appreciate it. Did he get the letter I wrote to him from the train? I mailed it to that Hotel of which you gave me the address. Is Gilbert there and how is he? Tell him I would be glad to hear from him. I didn’t know what it was to get letters from friends until I got out here so please be sure to answer this if Floyd don’t. I meant to write

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to you before but never got around to it. I suppose Glenn is right in it now.
I like the Navy fine. We have shows, ball games, and all sorts of amusements. We drill eight hours a day except on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t mind it all any more. We are going to Seattle and parade some day before long. The people here treat us fine. One lady had two big cherry trees and she gave them all to us. The cherries out here are about four times as big as the ones back home and they are the best I have ever eaten. Tell Floyd that if he ever enlists to enlist as a machinist as it is a good place in the Navy. As he knows something about it it would be a good place for him. Well I don’t know of much more to write about tonight so I will close hoping you are well and happy.
I remain your friend,
Training Camp No. 2. Puget Sound Navy Yards Washington.

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