Letter from Harry Aument to Floyd Kaiser, July 29, 1918

Letter from Harry Aument to Floyd Kaiser, July 29, 1918

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War Work Council
Army and Navy
Young Men’s Christian Association
“With the Colors”
July 29-1918
Dear Friend Floyd:-
You can’t imagine what a pleasure it was to get your letter and to learn that you are getting along so much better. I would give anything if you were out here with me. All the guys who came with me have been transferred to barracks about a mile from here. Bemis is getting along fine I guess. He is almost a stranger to me as I have not seen him once when we have been on furlough. John Hope and Berdell Clock are in the same camp with me but in different companies. We get liberty twice a week and are just 20 miles from the city of Seattle. We are on a sort of island and have to go to Seattle by boat. It costs fifty cents a round trip. They had one of the biggest

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carnivals over there last week that has ever been organized. It was for the benefit of the soldiers and sailors. I took part in the drilling. Harry Taylor, Irish Cook, Walter Hegbert and a couple of other fellows are in a camp in Seattle. I saw them for the first time since I have been out here last Wednesday at the carnival. I bought a season ticket which cost a dollar, the last cent I had, but I got 124 hour liberty. I have not fallen out with my girl but have a fine one in Seattle who I am interested in. You know Clock Pearson. Well, from what she writes, I guess he is trying to beat my time. She said he had taken her out a couple. She knew I didn’t care for that bunch of Swedes, so I don’t see what she told me about it for, if she did go out with him. Anyway, I have not answered her last letter which she wrote about a week ago. There are a fine bunch of girls

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in Seattle. I had my picture taken with Monk Ramer but wouldn’t send them anywhere. I cut them up so that I have just the head and shoulders. I will send you one of these but will send a better one when I get the money to have them taken. I have been in almost two months and have only received five dollars. I have sent home twice for money and have some on the road by now I guess. Monk Ramer and nine other of the worst sailors were shipped out on a coal barge which hauls coal between here and San Francisco. I heard today that we were to be sent to the Hawaiian Islands for coast patrol duty. Some

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fellows who came in when I did were seeing duty like this. Another report of today is that we are here to sail transports between here and Siberia. Your Camp Lewis, the largest Army camp in the world is just fifty miles from here and Seattle is the head of the shipping branch between here and Siberia. But the latest report is the one about going to the Hawaiian Islands. Since we are not in barracks and it is beginning to get rainy and cold up here which we don’t mind any more, we expect to be shipped out before the end of next month anyway. You asked about the machine work out here. I suppose you mean in the ship yards, which is best. There fellows get good money and short hours. We are right in the ship

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so I know. Also if you enlist in the Navy, go in as a machinist as you will be sorry if you don’t because it is a good. The only thing I don’t like about is you have to go to school. They big machine shops out here in Bremerton as they are the only thing that keeps the town up and it is about as big as DeKalb. If you join you won’t like it very well while you are in detention camp but will like it better when you get out. I don’t like guard duty very well. I was on for 12 hours with 2 1/2 hours sleep. I am not in for four years. Because I am in the Naval Coast Reserve Defense. That means that I will be on Coast Patrol until

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I am needed for other work. I have signed up for a gunner in the war zone. Bemis signed up for a gunner’s mate. This is something that I don’t think I will get because I don’t think I will see much fighting while in the Reserve Forces but may see some excitement while on patrol duty. There are some people living in Seattle who came from DeKalb. They have invited John Hope and I to dinner some Sunday. I will have to mail this letter in Bremerton or Seattle as it would not pass the censor here. Don’t believe too much about what I have told you as I don’t know what will happen myself and the officers don’t know for sure. Do you hear from Glen much? I will close now hoping to hear and to see you before long. Your delighted friend Harry.
Address Training Camp #2
Puget Sound Navy Yards, Washington

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